Another Realm.

I wait for you each day, To enter my life once again But you’re gone. The stars above me shine melting diamonds But when I look for you above, I see nothing to gain. I’ve been in void. You maybe gone in this realm But I hope to see you in the next We will reunite,once […]

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The Revisit #2.

Part One I walk with silent steps, straight. My feet brush through the shrubs and flowers on the ground which give an eerie feeling to my being. I look ahead, and its there. I see her.  She stands beside a oak tree, leaning on it. She holds a candle in her hand, which never dies […]

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It never began.

The breeze brushed forth their muffled faces Their eyes dry, almost void Their bare faces held a thousand emotions But they had could not show it, just to be strong for the other Their souls, together was one, feeling the same But the end seemed to come even before life could start The little twins […]

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The emanating rays of sunshine adorned the vast once green vicinity But now all that remained was the prismatic rays of light The hues of green vanished as ashes of grey took their place The dying fauna resonated dead colours As the black clouds passed over the land, dark shadows encompassed every inch of light The old […]

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Musings #1

I haven’t found you yet But you’re always around Are you just a fragment of my imagination That I wish you were real? So we could talk, and listen Help and love Are you just a fragment of my imagination That I wish you were real? I want to know the truth as soon as […]

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Haiku #20

The dawn grandeur clouds Posses a charm like no one Stillness within it Syllable Structure: 5-7-5 Written in response to Jennifer Nichole Wells’ weekly weather prompt:Clouds This picture was taken by me on my trek to Raigad. ©AestheticGraphy

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Seeing the good.

My life hasn’t always been what I wished it to be Wrong situations But I know this A dash of hope and huge leap in faith is all i need. *My entry for Twittering Tale #39 Character Limit: 139

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            The petite green grass swayed in the dawn wind And the swift waves of the lake encompassed the land The blue sky gleamed as a rainbow emerged Making the skies as effulgent as it ever could be The old woman sat there looking at the beauty nature showed her Her […]

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