Reality hits hard, in your face There will be times when you don’t know what’s even happening You’d want to go back to the past, rewind time, relive life. You can’t do that, but you can choose something else. Come back up, don’t stay down forever Catastrophe,Failures, they’re life for you. You’d find harmony in […]

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We’re living in this world’s delusion Trying to reach everybody’s surmise Answering each allusion But when’ll you be that wise? Battle each day Looking for a ray of hope You will find it before the skies turn grey Try your best to cope The trials aren’t ending They’ll be worth it someday Till then don’t […]

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Be it anytime of the year Each month,every day Why does my mind play these games Isn’t life already playing another one on me? Little did I know, they both were different Destiny, of their own Even I, had no say. I was their test after all Regrets. Remorse or Rejoice on this truth? Another […]

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The End

The beginning, I can’t talk enough about the start It was the perfect art But how soon did we drift apart? We grew further apart, those unneeded words We never realized how absurd Because whatever it was had left us blurred Those feelings at the start weren’t fake You knew I could break But you […]

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Divided by race, colour , sex , age in the quest of true beauty Mankind has been searching at each stage Is it the appearance Is it the personality Or the modality of their words True beauty is on your character within  And nothing physical could to compare to that Beauty arises from within and […]

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The act of passion The mask of love you carry When does the play end? *Written in response to RonovanWrites’ Weekly Haiku Prompt Challenge with the prompt words: Passion and Play Haiku Syllable Structure : 5-7-5 Picture Credits: Google Images

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Haiku #21

What is this true love Whose hymns travel across earth But yet remains lost *Syllable Pattern: 5-7-5 Thanks for reading -Ri

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Another day, another night Not knowing when it will all be right Getting to the same old trauma, the same old pain Until she could bear no more Instead of understanding they told her it was fake Slowly killed the humanity left within Happiness, doesn’t come easily to everyone. Acrostic#3. Spells out Anguish. This could […]

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The white sand beneath my feet brushed through swiftly as I walked The green palm leaves swayed above me The clear blue sky emanated around the sun With intertwined hands And a longing soul He stood in middle of nowhere But didn’t feel alone, lonely For the person who mattered the most stood right there, […]

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